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Registration Information

Please read the below instructions as they have changed for the 2022 season.
All registration is now done online.  There is a new system that you will need to create a new account. You will then need to fill out all the required pages and upload documents to complete registration.  After completing online registration you must attend a registration event to complete registration and make a deposit or full payment and be fitted.

Register Now!

2022 Registration Process

  1. Complete the online pre-registration at https://Vailvikings.LeagueApps.com/Leagues
    • Registration Name must match participant’s birth certificate!​  NO NICKNAMES PLEASE!  Make sure to add Jr or anything necessary to match the birth certificate.
  2. All documents will now be uploaded to the registration website.  EVERY athlete will need to upload a copy of the birth certificate even if you are a returning player.
  3. You will need each of the documents indicated:
    • A head shot photo of your child.  No hats or sunglasses.
    • Certified state birth certificate
    • 2021-22 school year report card, when available (Must have all four quarters).  Please contact us at vailvikingsgm@gmail.com if you will have any trouble obtaining this as it is a requirement to register.
    • Sports physical dated after January 1st  2022, when available but before athlete can step onto the field.(Wellness checks are not accepted).  We are working with Ohana Direct Primary Care, offering in office Physicals by appointment for only $25 at 6631 E. Carondelet Drive (520)262-2500
      • Or you can Download the sports physical form below to bring to your physician
  4. Bring a copy of your registration confirmation page, the Vikings code of conduct & Credit Card Authorization Form  (found below) to a registration event to complete registration. Not all documents are needed at time of registration (Report Card & Physical), but you will not be able to register without filling in the rest of the information.  If you have trouble registering we will also be able to help you at the registration events.  The system will not let you register without putting something in the spots for physical and report card.  Please just upload a picture of a NOT AVAILABLE sign and we can fix it later.

Please note that in order to hold a roster spot, you MUST complete registration with either full payment, payment plan or a scholarship application.  Registration is not complete until this is done.

Form of payments are cash, money order, or debit/credit cards only.  There will be no transaction fees for registration related charges. 

*Please note that your child’s account must be paid in full before July 31st 2022 in order to be eligible to participate.  Scholarships available to those who qualify as well as payment plans.

Forms & Other Documents

For those that qualify, we do offer scholarships and payment plans.  Click below to download the scholarship application.  Applications may be emailed to vailvikings1@gmail.com or handed directly to the president at registration.  Payment plans may be simply requested at registration.  A minimum of $50 is required to start a payment plan and all payments must be complete by August 21st.

  Vail Vikings Scholarship Application