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Play Football for the Vail Vikings!

Practices start July 10, 2023 with games starting in August and going through mid October for regular season.

General Information

All players are placed on rosters on a first come basis. Each team and division is limited to a certain number of athletes. Your space on a specific team is not guaranteed so PLEASE REGISTER EARLY.

Players 5 through 14 may play AYF football in the Sonoran Desert American Youth Football & Cheer Conference. The program is divided into 7 divisions:

  • Flag – Ages 5, 6, 7
  • 8U – Ages 7,8
  • 9U – Ages 8,9
  • 10U – Ages 9,10
  • 11U – Ages 10,11
  • 12U – Ages 11,12
  • 13/14U – Ages 12,13,14 (Not in High School)

The age of the player used for placement is their age as of July 31st

Registration Information

Vail Vikings athlete registration is done online.  You will then need to fill out all the required forms documents to complete registration.  After completing online registration you will submit all of your completed forms and documents to your team’s business manager and then you must attend an in-person fitting and registration event to be fitted for uniforms and shoes as well as pick up raffle tickets for fundraising efforts. These registration events will be scheduled in advance and will be marketed on our social channels and our website.

To view full registration process and to download necessary registration forms visit our Registration Info page.

Join the Vail Vikings!
Join the Vail Vikings!

Dates & Expectations


Tackle is every weekday for the first month. Practice times are approximately 6:30-8:30 pm Monday-Thursday, 6:00-8:00 pm on Friday (or once Cienega steps off the field).

Flag Practice

Follows the same time schedule as tackle but Flag approximately 6:30-8:15 pm Monday-Thursday, 6:00-7:45 pm.


After the 1st month of practice we transition to Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for the duration of the season, same times and place.

Mouth Pieces & Cups

All tackle players are required to have mouth pieces that connect to their helmets. Protective cups are to be worn at all times. All flag players are required to have colored mouth pieces, and protective cups are to be worn at all times.

Game Schedule

As soon as our league has finalized the game schedule it will be distributed immediately to all families. As a reminder game schedule is always subject to changes.

Practice Attire

For the 1st week of practice players will be wearing only helmets and just need to be in shorts, t-shirts and have their cleats.  Shorts need to be without pockets or pockets sewn closed to protect fingers from snagging.  After the first week tackle players will need to have practice pants with pads and also a practice jersey to go over their shoulder pads.  Sometimes the organization has extra that we sell off, but they can also be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods, Big 5, Play it Again Sports or online.  There is not restriction on colors.

Join the Vail Vikings!

Helmet Certification

All personal helmets to be used during this season must have a current certification sticker on them.  It has been passed down by the commissioner that the certification last the entire season.  So helmets certified before 2020 currently may not be used until they are recertified.  We use Sun Valco out of Phoenix, but you are welcome to use any recognized company.  You must bring your helmet to equipment handout for it to be checked.  Certification turn around time take about 4 weeks, so please don’t delay.

Here is the link for Sun Valco:

Our Sponsors

A very special thank you to our sponsors.

Without them, this would not be possible!

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Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!
Sponsor the Vail Vikings!