Whether putting in work on the football field, or volunteering in our community, like the onions they harvested at Felicia’s Farm this weekend, our 8u Tackle Vail Vikings have layers.

And just like those onions, by the end of the morning they had a strong odor!

Felicia’s Farm grows naturally, and donates 100% of their naturally grown vegetable and egg production to organizations serving people struggling with food insecurity. Some people receiving a meal that boosts nutrition include people currently unsheltered, working families, single parents, Veterans, and elderly subsiding only on what they receive. For more information about Felicia’s Farm and their volunteer opportunities, please visit https://www.feliciasfarm.org/ to learn more!

Or visit them on Facebook: Felicia’s Farm

Our boys demonstrated teamwork and discipline to help harvest some vegetables and clear out weeds to prepare the ground for the next Crops to be planted.💪

Now, they’re ready to get back on the gridiron and BEET the competition!🤣

Thank you to Felicia’s Farm for allowing this opportunity for our boys to learn the importance of community and hard work!🙏